Free Online Slots

The best things in life are free, or so it is said, therefore with the phenomenal popularity of online slots being a pretty good indicator that they’re a helluva lot of fun, free ones have got to be mind-blowingly brilliant! Well, free online slot machines can certainly serve up a lovely gaming buzz – we’ve even got some examples below for your instant entertainment – but there’s a more useful service they can provide for Canadian players as we’ll explain.

Top Casinos for Free Slots

Why Play Online Slots for Free?

What is a free slot – Free online slot games are essentially fully functioning versions of a company’s game that can be played in a ‘demo’ mode, without requiring any player funds. Every free slot is credited with ‘imaginary’ money so you can enjoy staking as you would if playing for real, and the game also plays exactly as if you were playing for real. Clearly casinos aren’t charities so don’t expect any wins you enjoy on free slots to be claimed as real money either, but the experience is like the real thing without risking a single penny.

Why play free slots online – With an essential part of the appeal of online slots being the chance to transform a few dollars into a serious stack of cash, you may ask why players even bother with free slots. Well, here’s why. Free online slot games are the perfect way to test-drive any game you’re interested in playing for real money no matter how experienced you are as a slot player. Without any risk, you can explore all the game’s features at your leisure. Playing free online slots with bonus rounds can also be a quicker way to understand that game’s unique rules; if you click a slot’s ‘information’ button there can often be several pages to flip through and the text may not explain things to the point where everything is crystal clear. Getting into a decent session on a free slot usually illuminates the key treats the game offers, and seeing a special feature in action (like an’ Expanding Wild’ or ‘Avalanche Reels’) often makes more sense than reading about it.

Test new games – One final reason to explore playing free slots is to get a feel for the volatility of specific games you might want to play for real money. Volatility is a posh way to describe how the game feels to play. Some players like slot games that deliver more regular wins with a trade off that each win is less spectacular (low volatility) whereas some players get their kicks from slots that may pay less frequently but have greater potential to bang out very big wins when they do (high volatility). A session on a free online slot should soon reveal a sense of how its real-money version might reward you, saving you the frustration of wasting your own cash on a game that doesn’t really play your way.

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How Do I Get to Play Slots for Free at Online Casinos?

Where to find free slots – Aside from sampling the free slots on this page, you’ll find that all our casinos reviews offer free play versions of their games. Usually you will find that when you select a slot game from their list of choices it will offer an option to play for free (sometimes shown as ‘Demo’ mode) or for real money. Hopefully it’s obvious which to choose to enjoy the free slot version! Obviously you can switch to play for real money at any time, providing you already have a player account credited with funds at that online casino.

Sign up to play for free – Many online casinos will let you play all their slot machines for free without needing to sign-up for a player account with them, but not all. Truth be told, signing up for any of our recommended casinos is simple, free and doesn’t oblige you to deposit any funds into your account unless you choose to. Therefore, even if membership is necessary to sample the freebies, it’s really no biggie.

Free spins – Some of our recommended online casinos offer promotions of free spins from time to time. These are also a way to enjoy some ‘free’ slots, but free slots with bonus appeal. With free spins, you can enjoy a free ride on the real money version of that game and any wins become bonus cash paid to your player account. For this reason, free spin promotions are highly prized by keen Canadian slots players!

Free Style or Keep it Real?

For the true thrills and proper casino experience of playing slot games you do need to play for real money. The risk and reward element is fundamental to the buzz of playing the best online casinos, and real money slots are a rollercoaster ride that players clearly love. That said, seeking out free slots can be a lot of fun and smart players know that free online slots are a brilliant way to ‘try before you buy’.