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Welcome to online-slots.ca, your one stop shop for all things online-gambling in Canada. Our Canadian gambling portal features reviews of online casinos and games with a special emphasis on the best slot machines out there. Our site includes the best online slot machines, how to play, slot strategies, and everything you need to know to make the most of your online gaming experience.

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Whether you’re new to gambling or a veteran player, we’ve got information for everyone regardless of experience level. While our team has played casino games for many years, in 2016 we decided to join forces and provide the best source of information for our fellow online gamblers. We’d like to share our insights on online gambling sites in Canada so you can play the best slot machines with the highest payouts.

But first, allow us to introduce ourselves:

James Howden

As a former croupier, James knows the ins and outs of the casino industry. James has worked behind the tables for almost two decades. Now, he offers his gambling expertise to help you make the most of your online gaming strategy and ultimately, win more money. James has a special love for slot machines especially ones with themes from his favorite Marvel comic books.

Lydia Zucker

Who said gambling was just for the boys? Lydia spends her free time participating in slot tournaments in house and online. Lydia wins thousands each year playing online slot machines and would like to share her secrets with you. Occasionally, she also likes to test her luck at the blackjack tables or roulette wheels as well.

Francis McNabb

Francis, or Franny as her friends like to call her, has been playing casino games for years. Personally, she loves the slot machines the best. From classic fruit machines to the more sophisticated video slots, Franny loves the thrill hitting the big jackpots with progressive slot machines. She also has great tips and tricks on how to maximize returns on your bets. Some of Franny’s favorite slots include Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune with some of the largest jackpot prizes at all of the online casinos.

Chris Mooney

Chris, the self-proclaimed “Slot Master”, has enjoyed slot machines for decades. Hands down, he loves to play video slots with sports themes the most. One of his favorites includes the Break Away slot machine based on his favorite sport, ice hockey. As the Slot Master, Chris has plenty of recommendations on where to find the best slots with the highest payout percentages and free spins bonuses.

From one armed bandits to 3D slots – Gambling has been around for centuries. Casinos have given players the chance to enjoy winning money while playing their favorite casino games in the company of friends and fellow gamblers. When slot machines came on the scene about one hundred years ago, people couldn’t get enough of the instant wins after pulling the lever of a one-armed bandit.

Slots go online – With the invention of the internet, you can access all of your favorite slot machines right from your computer or even on the go with mobile gambling. Today, you can literally find thousands of online gaming sites each offering all kinds of slot machines with different variations. Knowing which place to play makes all of the difference. Luckily, our site guides you through choosing the right site and slot games for you so you have the best time and make the most payouts.