David Constantino Salazar is a Toronto based sculptor who holds a Master in Fine Arts degree from OCAD University.

In his work he is interested in exploring the borders between necessity and excess, desires and addiction. Salazar's goal is to create work that is approachable through humour with the intent that the viewer can explor their own relationships with desire and overindulgence through his allegorical sculptures. 

He has exhibited his work in Canada and abroad.  His public commissions include 2012 Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 2015 Spadina Museum, Nuit Blanche, Toronto (Canada) and was recently commissioned by First Capital Realty Inc. in 2015 for two permanent public art sculptures in Georgetown, (Canada).

Please feel free to contact David directly regarding private commissions, sales or studio related inquiries.

Our Best.

David Constantino Salazar                                                                                                                       CV


Master of Fine Arts
OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Interdisciplinary Art Media and Design Master’s Degree (IAMD) Program

Undergraduate Degree
OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sculpture / Installation Program
Grants and Awards


2016 Florence, Italy, Travel Grant, OCAD University
2015-2016 Deans Scholarship, OCAD University
2015 Public Art Commission, First Capital Realty, Georgetown, ON, Canada
2011 Gula, Tiradentes 14th Festival de Cultura e Gastronomia do Brasil
2009 Visual Artist Grant, Toronto Arts Council
2009 Visual Artist-Emerging Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2009 First Prize-Sculpture, Society of Canadian Artist
2008 First Place Award Winner, Living Arts Centre Juried Show
2007 Emanuel Hahn Award, Awarded by Ontario College of Art & Design
2007 MST Bronze Sculpture Award presented by Sculptors Society of Canada
2007 First Place Award Winner, Desmond Juried Art Exhibition


2017 Plus Art Fair - Masters of Fine Art Annual Art Fair, Hamilton, Canada
2017 Strike a Chord, Sur Gallery, Co-Presented by Mayworks, Toronto, Canada
2017 Gowlings + OCAD U, Toronto, Canada
2017 Performing Human through Animal, YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Toronto, Canada
2016 Drawing & Sculpture Exhibition, Charlotte Hale & Associates, Toronto, Canada
2015 2nd Year Show, Charlotte Hale & Associates, Toronto, Canada
2014 End of Year Show, Charlotte Hale & Associates, Toronto, Canada
2012 Passa-Rindo, Solo Exhibition, Johrei Center Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2011 PLAYFUL, Solo Exhibition, Tiradentes MG, Brasil
2010 Curo, 52 McCaul Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2010 Neo-Priest, Headbones Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2010 Neo-Beast, Headbones Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2010 New Members, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto, Canada
2009 Toronto International Art Fair, Prime Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2009 10th Annual, Juried Emerging Sculptors Exhibition
          Sculptors Society of Canada, Toronto, Canada
2009 41st Open Juried National Exhibition. Society of Canadian Artist, Toronto,                    Canada
2009 Bridge Art Fair. Represented by Headbones Gallery, NYC, U.S.A
2009 'Director's Selection' Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2008 Art Miami. Represented by Headbones Gallery, Miami, U.S.A
2008 Sculpt Art at the Mediterranean Garden Royal Botanical Gardens,   Presented           by Prime Gallery, Burlington, Canada                                     
2008 Art Market. Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2008 Cash is King but Your Love Rules. Edward Day Gallery. Presented by Art                       Metropole, Toronto, Canada                
2008 The Love Show. Gallery 1313 Presented by Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2008 Toronto International Art Fair. Lonsdale Gallery. Headbones Gallery, Toronto,           Canada
2008 Juried Art Show. The Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Canada
2008 the Modern Art and Design Show. 4th annual MADE SHOW, Toronto, Canada
2008 The Artist Project Toronto. Untapped Emerging Artist, Toronto
2008 Artist Project at the Interior Design Show. Toronto, Canada
2007 Emerging Artists: One. Ann Homan Art, Toronto, Canada
2007 Nuit Blanche Toronto. Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto
2007 Desmond Juried Art Show. Ridgetown, Canada
2007 12th Juried Graduating Sculpture Student Show Canadian Sculpture Centre, Sculptors Society of Canada


2016 - OCAD University Studio Research, Florence, Italy
2015 - First Capital Realty Public Art Commission Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
2015 - Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche Toronto, AVANI Presents, Genesis: Memory Lane,             Spadina Museum, Toronto, Canada
12-15- MST Bronze Ltd. Bronze Art Foundry, Toronto, Canada. Position: Foundry                   Technician
11-12- Mocidade de Padre Miguel Carnival Samba School, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,                    Position: Large Scale Foam Sculptor, Mold Maker
2010 – Ann Mirvish, Toronto, Canada. Position: Studio Assistant
06-09- Tom Dean, Toronto, Canada. Position: Studio Assistant