243 Payline Slots

Online slot game developers are always looking for ways to innovate, without fundamentally affecting the basic mechanics of slots that keep players flocking to their reels. One key part of any online slot’s appeal is the relative simplicity that lets players quickly get into the game, and makes it equally easy to enjoy a new slot they’ve never played before.

The 243 payline slot is one such innovation that has pulled off the trick of re-imagining how wins are achieved but without confusing the hell out of players! Originally seeing the light on IGT land-based slots, it is Microgaming that has really driven the demand for 243 payline slots online and many of its “243 Ways to Win” games can be found at our recommended casinos below.

So what are 243 Payline Slots?

The concept – The payline should be well known to all but the most novice slot player, but for the sake of completeness we ought to just recap the basics. A payline is a fixed path across the reels of a typical casino slot that will trigger a win if certain combinations of symbols lie on it following a spin. With five-reel video slots the potential to trace multiple paylines across the reels has been gleefully embraced by designers and players alike, so slots with anywhere between 9 and 100 paylines are commonplace. The thrill of multiple paylines is that it increases the chances of a single spin triggering a win, with multiple wins also possible – in effect it’s like having multiple single payline slots under your control with a single click.

So what’s special about 243 payline slots? Well, if you’re thinking, “Duh…they’ve got 243 paylines you hosers!” these clever slots are kind of misnamed. In truth 243 payline slots don’t actually have any paylines, which could be why Microgaming bills the feature as 243 Ways to Win!

How do you win without paylines? The simple answer is that you’re looking for matching symbols to appear on adjacent reels typically starting from reel 1 on the left. For example, if the slot’s paytable shows that three instances of Symbol A pays 10x your stake, if you see symbol A in view on reels 1,2 and 3 after a spin, you’ve won that reward. From this rule, it means that with five reels, and each reel stopping with three rows of symbols in view a maximum 243 ways to win are possible.

Another way to understand 243 payline slots is to think of all the symbols as semi-Scatters. Matching symbols only need to be in view and on adjacent reels to be counted together. If this still sounds a little complicated, don’t panic; 243 payline slots are no more difficult to play than more traditional multi-payline slots. Another thing to remember is that freeplay demo versions of popular 243 payline slots are available at all our casinos reviews, so you can get a feel for how it all works in practice without risking a single penny. And, be`lieve us, the penny will soon drop once you’ve seen a few winning spins.

Recommended 243 Payline Slots

We hope we’ve got you excited about the prospect of getting into some serious 243 payline action, so what can we recommend you take for a spin? Well, Microgaming is still the daddy in this game, and Avalon 2, Thunderstruck 2 and The Dark Knight are just three slots we reckon will deliver the gaming goods. Game of Thrones also gets a lot of love from Canadian Players, and finally for red-blooded males a little Bikini Party should do the trick.

243 Payline Slots: Conclusion

For any player that loves multi-payline slots, the 243 ways to win games will be a revelation. The clever way these Microgaming marvels create 243 paylines across their five reels is pretty quick to grasp and indeed many players find it easier to understand how wins are achieved than with traditional multi-payline slots. Just glancing at the lists of most popular slots at our recommended casinos soon reveals several 243 ways to win games in the mix. That’s evidence enough that these fantastic online slots have lots of player appeal.

No matter your level of experience with online slots gaming, we think you’ll love the original thrill the 243 ways to win format brings to five-reel slots. Whichever of our recommended casinos catches your eye, be sure to take time to hunt down one of its 243 payline slots. Try a few spins in demo mode and see how long you can resist dropping some real money on these cool casino machines!